About Dr. Ashish Mahajan

Dr. Ashish Mahajan – Best Ayurvedic Doctor In Jammu & Kashmir, India

Associate Professor and Consultant Ayurvedic Physician with more than 8 years of experience in Nadi Pariksha. Treated hundreds of patients of PCOD and infertility .Also thousands of patients of Thyroid disorders are cured permanently.

You can consult for any disorder even related to life style as proper diet chart is given for different disorders.

Ayurvedic way of healthy life with proper diet and medicines is our main motto.

Dr. Ashish Mahajan (MD-Rasa Shastra)

The founder of Mrutyuunjay Rasa Shala, Dr. Ashish Mahajan, the best ayurvedic doctor in Jammu, India has done his BAMS from Jammu Institute of Ayurveda & Research Jammu, as an ayurvedic doctor. He has done his masters in Rasa Shastras from DGM Ayurvedic Medical College Gadag, Karnataka. Currently he is working as an Associate Professor in Jammu Institute of Ayurveda & Research Jammu. He believes in the spread of education and thus started training students to help them explore the world of Ayurveda and its depth.

Dr. Ashish Mahajan is a specialist at Nadi Pariksha, Panchakarma, Astrological reviews of diseases, and offers customized medicines according to the patient.

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