About Us

Welcome To Mrutyuunjay Rasa Shala

The founder of Mrutyuunjay Rasa Shala, Dr. Ashish Mahajan observed that people in our nation suffer from problems and diseases that need proper treatment and care. He studied ancient and proven techniques and treatments of Ayurveda that can heal and treat diseases naturally without any side effects. The doctor connected with a team of specialists and decided to serve people around the country to make their life happy and healthy. By integrating the powerful old age natural science procedures with modern technology and implementing them, he is dedicated to making the world happier and healthier. Mrutyuunjay Rasa Shala is a leading and the best ayurvedic clinic in Jammu and Kashmir and has a huge happy customer base.

Health & Happiness With Mrutyuunjay Rasa Shala​

We strive to heal your mind and body naturally with highly effective Ayurveda-based treatment. Our primary objective is to make people’s lives healthy and peaceful.

Our Mission & Vision

Dr. Ashish Mahajan and team are on a mission to make everyone’s life healthier, happier, and free from any diseases. Our entire team is working dedicatedly to help people by protecting their health and healing any kind of health disorders using Ayurvedic treatments.

Our vision is to advance Ayurvedic practices and gain recognition as a world-class Ayurvedic clinic. We strive to provide high quality and harmless Ayurvedic treatments to transform lives and offer healthy lifestyles and lives.

Our Values

We and our team follows these strong values:

  1. We understand how you feel when you’re suffering from any kind of disease and thus we treat everyone with utmost care.
  2. We’re open and transparent in all transactions with patients, employees, colleagues and other stakeholders.
  3. At Mrutyuunjay Rasa Shala, we are committed to providing best treatment and qualitative health care services
  4. Our team devotes themselves to continuous growth, improvement, professionalism, and innovation in our techniques and work.